Sterile Latex Gloves

Providing products to keep hands clean and sterile protects both your employees and your customers, and providing high quality gloves is the ideal way to maintain optimal cleanliness in the workplace. At The Ragman Company, we offer protective gloves that make it easier for you to deal with any workplace or cleaning task the safe way.

We offer a range of latex and nitrile gloves that can be used for many different purposes. We offer high quality gloves at low prices—to keep you and your employees safe from chemicals and other contaminants while cleaning and working with these materials, and we do it without burning a hole through your wallet.

The Right Gloves for Every Workplace

The Ragman Company offers a selection of top quality, powder-free latex gloves ideal for examination, preparation, and cleaning tasks. These products protect your hands from possible contaminants while still offering a great grip so you can carry out all your tasks and workplace duties. We understand quality and reliability are important for gloves, so we only stock the best products from the best manufacturers. Our products work great with different applications, such as wood staining and varnishing.

We also provide non-latex products for those who have latex allergies. Our Nitrile gloves provide the same protection, and still offer exceptional durability for everyday use. Nitrile gloves are easier to put on and often more puncture-resistant than some other glove options.

Keep hands safe from contaminants and damage with the full range of protective gloves from The Ragman Company. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to provide a hand in selecting the right products for your needs.

Diamond Grip

Diamond Grip Plus

Nitrile Eclipse

Nitron One