Microfiber Towels

You cannot clean some surfaces with ordinary rags or wiping cloths. For cleaning tasks and sensitive surfaces that require a little more care, you need a specialized towel that will offer gentle cleaning while still holding up over time. Whether you are planning to clean cars, glass, windows, tile floors, or other sensitive surfaces, The Ragman Company has the right cloths for exceptional cleaning quality and reduced risks of damage.

Our selection of microfiber towels and cleaning cloths in Boise, Idaho Falls, Rock Springs, and Gillette are ideal for scratch-free cleaning of any surface. These are also perfect for commercial and industrial cleaning in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, and Logan. We can deliver our products to any business around the world.

The Simple Cleaning Solution

Our microfiber towels are plush, ultra soft cloths that can be used for the home, garage, office, and a range of commercial and industrial workplaces. Each square inch contains with thousands of fibers, allowing you to clean with or without chemicals or other cleaning products.

Microfiber can absorb around five times its weight in water and dries faster than most standard towels. This specialized wiping cloth allows for lint-free and streak-free cleaning, thanks to a non-abrasive design that will not scratch or damage any surface, paint, or clear coating.

Microfiber towels not only make cleaning easy, they also save your company a lot of money, as they can be washed and re-used hundreds of times, minimizing the need to continually purchase paper towels and other costly cleaning products.

At The Ragman Company, our goal is provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Check out our huge selection of towels, cloths, and other cleaning products, or reach out to our friendly team of helpful customer service to find exactly what you need. Call us today to get your stock of microfiber towels.

Microfiber Towels


We have microfiber cloths in many sizes and colors depending on your needs.

5” x 5” for cleaning glasses, camera lenses, tablets, and phones. Comes in yellow, blue, green and red.

16” x 19” for window cleaning or any general cleaning you have for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

25” x 36” for drying your car after a good clean!