High Quality Rags and Wiping Cloth

Rags are one of the most underrated cleaning supplies, yet you probably can’t clean anything around your shop or business without them. They are a heavy-duty, all-purpose tool that, when paired with the right cleaning supplies, can be used to clean up any mess.

At The Ragman Company, we’re here to make your industrial and commercial cleaning more productive and effective. We’re a top supplier of cleaning rags in Boise, Idaho Falls, Rock Springs, and Gillette. We also offer these products to clients in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, and Logan at affordable prices.

Cleaning Made Easy

Whether you’re working in a garage, around the office, or in a warehouse, spills and splatters are often inevitable. When simple cleaning with paper towels won’t do the trick, you’ll need more durable and absorbent products. Turn to The Ragman Company for all your cleaning cloth needs.

We offer some of the best cleaning rags in Logan, Ogden, Provo, and Salt Lake City that make tidying up a breeze. Our cloths are ideal for everything, from simple to heavy-duty messes, including oil residue and paint spills. We’re the go-to shop for commercial and industrial businesses looking for quality cleaning supplies, proudly serving clients up and down Utah’s Wasatch Front, nearby states like Idaho and Wyoming, and throughout the world.

At The Ragman Company, we strive to provide quality products at competitive prices. Whenever you’re in need of cleaning rags in Boise, ID; Rock springs, WY; or in multiple areas in Utah, we’re the ones to call. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you find the products you need.

White Knit (Item # 1002U)

All white knit t-shirt material. Washed and very absorbent. Uses include staining, cleaning and absorbing water, oil or grease products. Due to multiple washings of this material this rag has a very low lint level. Excellent choice for uses where “hot” chemicals are used for cleanup such as MEK, toluene, and lacquer thinners where bleeding of the colors from a colored rag would be an issue.

White Knit with Print (item # 1010)

More economical choice of white knit. Printing on one side of the rag. Easy to use and still very absorbent. By folding the rag with the print inside, this rag works well for staining and general cleaning.

White Terry Towels (item # 1202)

All white 100% cotton towels. Very absorbent and in excellent condition. These towels are usually 20” X 40” and sold by the pound. Towels can be cut to size to suit your needs. You may purchase whole towels, or towels cut in half, thirds or quarters. Great all-purpose towel for cleaning, water or dust pick up, or oil and grease removal. A good choice for facilities providing a shower towel at an economical price. Also used by floor refinishing companies for staining and dust removal prior to staining.

White Wash Cloths (item # 1201)

All white wash cloths good for a quick clean-up. Approximately 10” x 10” size. Great choice for assisted care facilities where you want a onetime use and throw it away application. These wash cloths are clean and sanitized. Also used in metal fabrication companies for clean-up and grease removal.

New Terry Bar Mop Towels

White Sweatshirt (Item # 99W)

White sweatshirt material is a good choice for grease and oil cleanup where use of solvents may cause color bleeding with a colored rag.

New White Knit (1002)

New white knit is sold by the pound according to size required for your application. We have cotton-poly blend and 100% cotton. This material is very absorbent and without seams making it a good choice for staining or faux finishing of woodwork. Works very well for cleaning granite and marble surfaces during installation processes.

Colored Knit (item # 1004U)

Colored knit t-shirt material. Washed and very absorbent. Uses include staining, cleaning and absorbing water, oil or grease products. Low lint due to multiple washings of this material. A good choice for mechanics or any type of industrial use where a soft absorbent rag is required. Can be used for staining where a water base or oil base stain is used.

Hospital Blankets - White Flannel (item # 1203)

This white 100% cotton is also known as white flannel. Very soft and absorbent.

Flannel (item # 88)

Colored, high cotton content rag used for oil and grease cleanup. They are soft rags with low lint. Good for polishing.

Colored Sweatshirt (item # 99U)

Good multipurpose colored rag for general cleanup especially for grease and oil.

Colored Terry (item # 1200)

Very absorbent material for water, grease or oil spills where color is not a concern. These towels are usually made from bath towels and cut up bath robes.


Economical general purpose rag mainly used for oil and grease cleanups.

Clean Room Lint Free Rags

8” x 8” square laser cut rags are vacuumed and packaged 250 pieces to a bag. Used for any clean room application (computer rooms) and for cleaning high quality printers. If you have a need for this type of rag, you know how important it is to not have any contaminants.

Hospital Scrubs

We have all sizes. Colors vary, usually blue or green.

White Sheeting (item # 97)

Clean white sheeting material usually cut 24” X 24”. May be cut to any size or may be purchased whole for coverings. A great choice for prepping metal surfaces prior to painting due to very low lint and absorbency of grease and oil. Also well suited for cleaning and polishing already painted surfaces to remove grease marks and smudges.